Blowing Bull Horn for Puja



This exotic hornpipe made of Indian bull horn is a traditional instrument used during pujas, festivals or religious ceremonies. Enhanced with brass ends for beautification and to aid blowing, it has been used in rituals since ancient times. Also known as Pepa, Ranasringa, Kombu and Sringa, its usage is very significant in Bihu festival, the rice harvest festival and Assamese new year. In Dharma, if Cow is revered as a mother for it gives nourishing milk, it is the bull which is used in farming for ploughing, transporting and raising crops. Thus, bulls are also a blessing to us and products made from bull during pujas and rituals are considered meritorious.

Length: 12 inches
Top Diameter: 3 inches
Weight: 195 gms

Weight .650 kg


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