Chandra Yantra in Pure Silver



Design: Carved on a pure silver sheet.

This Yantra in pure silver has embossing of Chandra Yantra and His divine image with floral inscription at top. The Yantra can be framed and kept in puja altar or can be carried in your purse or wallet. Chandra rules the planet Moon and affects personality, temperament, mental and emotional balance. The Yantra is worshipped for harmony, balanced emotions, health, flexibility and relationship. It helps pacify the malefic of the planet in a birth chart which shows debilitated or weak Moon and radiates its beneficial powers.


  • Enhances self-confidence, bliss and contentment
  • Brings emotional stability, peace of mind and harmony
  • Helps improve relationships and inner strength

Mantra: Om Aim Kleem Somay Namah

Dimension: 2 (L) x 2 (W) Inches
Weight: 6 gms

Weight 0.1 kg


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