Dhoop Aarti with Exotic 108 Powder – Design I


SMP019 ,

This Dhoop aarti is made of thick brass with wooden handle.

This dhoop aarti lamp is ideal for burning solid dhoop fragrances and offering to the deities. It has a wooden handle for comfortable holding. Dhoop before a deity goes back to the Vedic period. This practice involves reciting an aarti while offering Dhoop. Burning of dhoop purifies the entire atmosphere. The spiritual significance is that it purifies the mind.

The divine long lasting Dhoop powder helps deepen your meditation, focus better during prayers and helps create a positive aura. It also helps pacify malefic of nine planets and provides spiritual benefits equivalent to Yagya or Homas. The aromatic fumes are offered to deities and spread around home after puja.

Height of Dhoop Aarti – 3.75 inches
Top diameter of Dhoop Aarti – 4.25 inches
Length of Dhoop Aarti – 9 inches
Weight of Dhoop Aarti – 340 grams
Quantity of Dhoop Powder – 50 grams

Weight .475 kg


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