Gaumata idol in brass


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Gaumata, also known as Kamadhenu, is a revered deity in Hindu mythology and a sacred symbol of the cow in Indian culture. In Hinduism, the cow is considered a symbol of motherhood, purity, and abundance, and is worshipped as a divine being. The Gaumata idol may also be depicted with multiple heads, representing her ability to bestow blessings and fulfill the desires of her worshippers. In some depictions, she may be shown with a human head or with wings, representing her divine nature.

The brass Gaumata idol is often placed in homes and temples as a symbol of prosperity and abundance, and is believed to bring blessings to those who worship it. It is also a popular gift item, especially during Hindu festivals and religious occasions.

Overall, the Gaumata idol in brass is a beautiful and meaningful representation of the cow in Hindu mythology, and a revered symbol of motherhood, purity, and abundance in Indian culture.

Height – 2.5 inches
Length – 3.25 inches
Width – 2.25 inches
Weight – 335 gms

Weight 0.5 kg

Set of 2, Set of 6, Set of 12


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