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Set of 21 fresh Leaves

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In India, Betel leaf is considered auspicious. One of the most important puja ingredients in Hindu rituals is the Betel leaf, especially in South Indian pujas. In regional languages in India it is known as Pan/Paan, Nag Ve, Vetta or Vettila. Betel leaves are a symbol of prosperity. All pujas or worships and ceremonies include the fresh Betel leaves. The ‘Kalash’ which is installed during pujas, has Betel leaf adorning the top of it along with other auspicious things. Mythology says that the Betel leaf was one of the many things which came out during the Samudra Manthan or churning of the Cosmic Ocean.

In South India and some other states of India ‘Dakshina’ to priests and elders are given by keeping a Betel Nut and a coin in the Betel leaf, as a mark of respect. Almost all puja thalis contain fresh Betel leaves and Betel Nuts

The Betel leaves used in the puja should not have any defect, which means, Betel leaves that have holes, are dried and those that are torn from the middle or sides are not used for pujas. To cater to the need of fresh Betel leaves or Pan for pujas, Rudra Centre makes available to its customers in India and countries outside India, Betel leaf online. You can now buy Betel leaf online instead of wondering where to find Betel leaf near me or Paan leaves near me. A set of 21 fresh Betel leaf/leaves is sent to our customers through our Betel leaf online delivery is a set of 21 fresh Betel leaf/leaves which is delivered within 2-3 working days when you buy Paan online. We ensure that the Betel leaves for sale retain their freshness on being delivered to your home, when you buy Betel leaf online with us.

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