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Dhatura is known by the name of Datura, thorn apple or moon-flower. It grows and flowers in the rainy season which contains the Hindu month of “Sawan”. “Sawan” is the holy month in which Shiva is specially worshiped. Availability of Dhatura flowers and fruits in this month makes Shiva devotees happy. Both flowers and fruits are offered to Shiva. Though both Dhatura flowers and fruits are toxic, Shiva accepts them because he can tolerate them. As you know He had taken the most toxic poison (विष) named “Halahal” which came out of ocean when it was churned by gods and devils. This story of Hindu mythology says that Shiva took that poison to save the world and kept it in his throat. It made his throat blue. So He is also called “Neel-Kanth” meaning blue throat. Dhatura fruits which have thorns on it contain numerous toxic seeds. These seeds when consumed even in small quantities may produce symptoms of hallucination to madness.

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