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Fresh green Tulsi leaves are supplied at your doorstep

Tulasi is the queen of medicinal plants. When you have Tulasi around, you are protected. She is worshipped as a Goddess who is the great purifier, both of the body and of the environment. If you plant nine or eleven Tulasi trees in your garden the air will be pure within a wide radius, and bacteria-free. She is one of those trees that possess divine qualities to invoke the descent of devatas, illumined beings, and increase the spiritual vibrations. The Tulasi plant is extremely sensitive and aware, and quickly able to register the vibrations around her.

Another name for Tulasi is Hari Priya, the beloved of Lord Narayana, and she is always offered along with the prasadam, sanctified food offering, given after worship of Krishna or Rama (although she is used for other deities also). She always accompanies the Shaligrama as worship of this form of Vishnu is never done without Her presence. She is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. The Tulasi leaf is the only type of prasadam that can be used more than once in worship. After being washed, it can be offered again. Traditionally, in temples the priests keep water and Tulasi leaves in a copper pot and offer three small spoonfuls as prasadam to devotees, who drink part of it and dribble the remainder on their heads.

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Tulsi Leaves bundle, Set of 3 bundles


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