Punchmukhi Hanuman idol in brass



Panchamukhi Hanuman is a unique depiction of the Hindu deity Hanuman, who is revered for his devotion, strength, and loyalty. The Panchamukhi Hanuman idol is depicted with five faces, each facing in a different direction, representing the five directions of north, south, east, west, and upward. Each face also symbolizes a different aspect of Hanuman’s personality and power. The first face of Panchamukhi Hanuman is that of a monkey, representing his playful and mischievous nature. The second face is that of a human, representing his intellect and wisdom. The third face is that of a boar, representing his courage and strength. The fourth face is that of a lion, representing his ferocity and power. And the fifth face is that of an eagle, representing his ability to soar to great heights and see beyond the mundane.

Panchamukhi Hanuman is revered by Hindus as a powerful and protective deity who can ward off evil, overcome obstacles, and bestow blessings upon his devotees. His unique depiction as a multi-faced deity is said to represent his ability to tackle challenges from multiple angles and overcome them with his various powers and strengths.

Height – 3 inches
Length – 2.25 inches
Width – 2.25 inches
Weight – 450 gms

Weight .6 kg


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