Shiva idol in brass



A Shiva idol is a representation of Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism. Lord Shiva is revered as the destroyer of evil, and is also known as the god of meditation, yoga, and asceticism.

The Shiva idol may be depicted in various poses and forms, but is most commonly depicted as a male figure with a serene expression, a third eye on his forehead, and a snake around his neck. Lord Shiva may be depicted standing, sitting, or in a meditative pose, with his body covered in ashes.

The Shiva idol is considered a symbol of strength, purity, and spiritual progress. It is believed that worshipping the Shiva idol with devotion and respect can bring blessings of inner peace, strength, and wisdom.

Devotees may offer milk, honey, and water to the Shiva idol as a sign of respect and devotion, and may also perform rituals and ceremonies to honor the deity. The Shiva idol is a popular item for devotees to have in their homes or personal shrines, and is also found in Lord Shiva’s temples where it is worshipped with great reverence.

Height – 4.5 inch
Length – 3 inches
Width – 1.75 inches
Weight – 600 gms

Weight .8 kg


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