White Sandal Paste


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White sandal paste, also known as Chandan paste, is a popular cosmetic and religious material in India and other parts of South Asia. It is made by grinding or rubbing the wood of the sandalwood tree (Santalum album) on a flat stone or surface, and adding water or rose water to make a paste. White sandal paste is widely used in Hindu and Buddhist rituals and ceremonies, as it is believed to have purifying and calming properties.

In religious ceremonies, white sandal paste is often applied to the forehead, neck, and other parts of the body as a symbol of purity and devotion. It is also used to decorate idols and images of deities. In traditional medicine, white sandal paste is believed to have cooling and healing properties and is used to treat various skin conditions, such as rashes, acne, and sunburns.

Quantity – 20 gms

Weight 125 kg


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